PSY716 – Multivariate Statistics (Graduate)

Research Design and Analysis in Psychology II

(Multivariate Statistics, Graduate Level )

Psychology 716

Fall, 2018

Main text:
Meyers, L.S., Gamst, G., & Guarino, A. (2016). Applied multivariate research: Design and interpretation (3rd Edition). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

See below for additional readings

Note – the final exam is scheduled for 9AM on Thurs Dec 13

Material for Basic Data Exercise

IME Scale



Reverse-scoring document

For Homework #1


For Multilevel Modeling exercise


mlm activity.sav

For Homework #2


For Homework #3


Additional Readings

Wilkinson et al (1999) – APA Task Force Guidelines on Statistical Methods

Cummings (2013) – The New Statistics

Preacher & Rucker (2002) – Dumbing it Down

Furr (2008) – Effect Size Formulas

Furr (2005) – Testing the Significance of a Correlation

Lauriola (2004) Partial and Semipartial correlations

Lynch – Multilevel Modeling

Furr (2018) Chapter 4 – Dimensionality and Factor Analysis

Furr (2018) Chapter 12 – Confirmatory Factor Analysis

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